A while back K and CT called while they were playing Scrabble with K’s friends. I hadn’t thought about Scrabble in forever. Maybe cos I sort of suck at it. We just don’t have the skills to put down a few letters and complete like five words at once!!! Or whatever it is that them Scrabble champs do.

Anyhows, listening to them talk about it made me think to play it, so, we broke out our Scrabble set and played 1v1.

Yut was beating me for the whole game, but then I drew the J. Dooooood, I thought I really lost cos I didn’t think I could use the J anywhere, but since we allowed ourselves to use the gameplay guide which has a list of acceptable two letter words, I found JO and the perfect spot to play it right at the bottom triple word score. After that, Yut couldn’t catch up, so I won:)

When we finished, we went to look up some of our questionable words, which weren’t quite questionable enough to challenge: HEADSIZE — not a word (oops, that one was me), but also, ENDO — not a word (that one was Yut), so all good:)


  1. Your Scrabble set looks mighty fancy!

  2. You’ll have to stop by for a game when you’re in MD! Megu and I are quite the Scrabble fanatics!

  3. I’m intimidated:p I seriously suck at Scrabble, you guys sound like you’re quite good.

    Still though, even though I suck, we have the Deluxe edition cos the tiles feel good and the board turns which is convenient.

  4. If by Scrabble fanatics, I mean quite into Scrabble, but not really that good and not too intimidating :)

  5. why is there a random u and i in the corner of the board??… ehhh…
    teeheehee i didnt noe headsize was one word. and whats up with lotr?? o_O

  6. The U and I we couldn’t figure out how to use.

    Headsize isn’t one word, I messed up. And LOTR is ZEALOTRY!!!


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