We went to Bacar with Julie and Al tonight. Well I suppose last night, now.
Bacar SF

Of course we started with drinks cos dood, it’s Friday, and even though we had MLK Day off (well except for poor Julie) it’s been a long week!

Then oysters. Lots and lots of oysters! Have I mentioned how I love oysters? Raw mostly — sometimes cooked can be good, but raw is always good.

For entree I got mesquite grilled hawaiian big eye tuna, which was really good, but I would say not too difficult to get as good elsewhere. But if they have seared tuna in the first place.
Tuna Top

Al got the same thing I did. Julie got this awesome mesquite grilled painted hills rib eye steak. I know, you’re thinking steak, eh, but seriously, it was perfect and ever so delicious. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a good picture of it.

Yut got pan roasted florida pink prawns, which he really liked, but I don’t think he was particularly full afterwards. I should point out that he hadn’t eaten much all day:p

So the food was all pretty good, but service was more lackluster. First when we got there, the bar area was still serving happy hour (which is a really good deal — half priced drinks and like $1 oysters, supposedly), so we waited forever for our cocktails. When we got them, they were good though! Especially Julie’s ‘Pretty in Pink’. The food came ok time-wise, but our server wasn’t around inbetween at all. Normally, I’m not one who really wants the waiter around asking me how I am when I’m chewing, but at the same time, I don’t want to be waiting forever. And if my drink is empty, then maybe when you drop off one course or pick up another, ask if I want something else. I dunno, I’ve never been a waiter, maybe it’s hard, but we finally asked another waiter who happened to pause near our table for help. The other waiter recommended a glass of riesling (Mantlerhof ‘Zehetnerin’ Gedersdorf, Kremstal, Austria 2003) to go with dinner and it was ever so so delicious. He seemed like he really knew wine cos he helped with recommendation very fast indeed. Julie said that Bacar is known for having a good wine list. I think she said it, at least:)

After dinner, we went to EZ5 (bar) and had some cocksuckers and a flaming lemon drop, and some other drinks. Yut and I were both definitely buzzed, but Julie and Al were COMPLETELY UNAFFECTED!!! Geesh. We’re lightweights! :p

Anyhows now I’m home and I’ve been drinking water but at this point I feel uncomfortable. Some combination of alcohol and overly-full-of-water. Oh well it was lots of fun:)