Have you seen those diamond commercials on tv that say, “This anniversary, tell her I forever do.” or something awful like that? Everytime I hear that I am soooo annoyed. Soooo sooo annoyed. I mean for goodness’ sake, does that mean the first time around was, “Hmm, I do want an option on you, but I’m not sure yet. Let’s check back in a couple of years, ok?” or I guess more like, “I do for now.” Gawd!!! Those diamond people are so obnoxious. Oh and I hate their stupid print ad with the “right hand ring” too. That’s the one where in case you don’t wanna get married, or you’re not married yet for one reason or another, you buy yourself a diamond ring anyways. Or something. It’s so horrifying.

I’m not saying that all the diamond ads are terrible. Like the old one with the old couple in the park. I was being manipulated, I knew it, but it was kind of sweet and cute. But this current crop takes the cake. On the other hand, I obviously remember the ads. If only because I yelled at them:p But I tell ya, I can’t wait until cultured diamonds (diamonds that are human-made in labs that are structurally diamonds but under a gemologist’s loupe looks just a little too perfect to be a real from the earth diamond, I think) are widely available. They can be perfect, or colored, or whatever, and they can’t be blood diamonds, and they’re cheaper, and if life is good, they’ll signal the end of the cloying irritating ads.

Whew, good thing I’m done cos I was running out of synonyms for awful and annoying:p