Normally, I don’t like to get into browser wars. Whatever you like is fine. I like firefox, but you know, whatevs. But CT mentioned to me today that the sidebar gets pushed waaaay down in IE, which she uses at work! Also, ugly. Ack! People, tell me this stuff!!! I should’ve checked, but I use IE so little, I forgot. Anyhows, I fixed the sidebar, sort of. It shows up on the side anyhows:p But the rest of it, eh, still ugly. Also, maybe it’s this theme, Lucid, lots of complicated css. Also it may be because I edited it. And I’ve been known to edit things out of order.

So yeah, I added a little firefox button: Get Firefox!

Just something to think about:p Really, it’s good stuff. Also, maybe I’ll look for a new theme sometime.

Update: Speaking of Firefox, read this on Boing Boing today, quite funny:)