I like the Olympics. It’s fun stuff, and if you’re not interested in one sport, pretty soon there’ll be another on. And there’s lots of sports that I’d normally never see, so that’s cool. But doooood, there’s way much “human interest” stories, that are v. heavy handed. Like right now there’s something comparing Bode Miller and Robert Redford, especially his one movie about skiing, forgot the title already. “Robert Redford, Bode Miller, American Iconoclasts” or something silly like that. Hmmph.

This sort of reminds me of all that Dan and Dave coverage leading up to the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. For a while, I couldn’t turn on the tv without hearing about Dan and Dave. After all the talk, and all the ads, neither Dan nor Dave managed a medal in the decathlon:p (To be fair, Dan O’Brien won gold in the 1996 Atlanta games.)

Anyhows, there’s always lots of stories, and they set it to dramatic music, and all I can think is… get on with it already!!! (Am I too Grinchly? :p)

Speaking of Grinchly, I adore Dick Button. He makes figure skating more watchable. I love his snarky comments:)