Been watching a lot of Olympics lately. Basically, if there’s something on TV, we have the TV on on the side at least. It’s been a lot of TV, maybe more than usual! (I know, shock and awe.) I usually like to watch these international sporting spectacles, they’re fun. Although the Winter Games are not very international, I know.

Like right now, I know I should go to sleep, but I CAN’T STOP WATCHING CURLING. It’s a bunch of women (well okay only 8, 4 each for Canada vs USA) wearing bowling shoes, carrying Swiffers, shuffling rocks with handles across the ice, but somehow it’s pretty compelling. Or is this just cos I’m crazy? Still, even this sport illustrates the differences between the haves and the have-nots of the world and the general exclusivity of the Winter Olympics, pretty well: that granite rock can cost like $500!!!

Btw, I wish NBC would cover the Olympics better. I know that figure skating, snowboarding, and speed skating are the big sellers (I can tell cos that’s most of what they show during prime time), but on their other channels, how hard can it be to show some of the other events live? Like on USA, it’s like a Law & Order rerun channel, why can’t they show more Olympics? And I watch Law & Order reruns! (Sometimes, but not now, in case that’s not clear:p)

Also, some of the commentators are useless, never say anything critical or helpful. Just stuff like, “Well that was a pretty good run, let’s see how the judges score it.” Blech, thanks for NOTHING!