Someone mentioned to me that one of the desks was missing a keyboard, which made me think someone took it. Well, the keyboard really was missing, but so was the computer, cos stuff had been moved around a bit and the computer wasn’t back yet. The monitor was already on the desk, and so was the mouse. It made me wonder if I set up some workstations with just a monitor, keyboard, and mouse if the first question I’d get would be about the missing computer or the monitor has no power:p

I walked by two different co-workers in the space of an hour, and both times I didn’t realize I’d walked by someone I knew til they said, “Hey!” Talk about oblivious:p I think I was looking at the ground again.

Last thing! CT and a co-worker both complained to me about how tired they were cos they’d stayed up watching Korean soap operas! Teeheehee:) Them shows are popular:p