We’re watching Men’s Snowboard Cross make its Olympic debut. Snowboard Cross (is that the best they could do, name-wise?) is basically racing on snowboards on a course, looks like 4 at a time. But doooood, it could be so much better!!! Have these people never played SSX?!?! I mean, they have these courses where the lines are drawn into the course, and there’s these hills, these great hills! And instead they try to minimize their air cos the whole point is to be fast. Talk about lost opportunity. Is it too much to ask to see some tricks, and cute outfits, and elbowing, and TRICKY!!! Set to cool music of course.

Btw, normally, I like this stuff where there’s no subjective, or semi-subjective judging, just the clock, and this board cross stuff is cool for that reason. It’s just, couldn’t they add a sport, tricky snowboard cross???