This weekend, I didn’t do nothing! I can’t take too much credit; Yan came for a quick visit, in on Friday, gone on Monday sort of thing. Too bad the weather wasn’t like last weekend. This weekend was cold, so Yan had to bring sweaters. I took like 100 photos, but surprisingly (or not:p) a lot of them are food, oops.

Well anyhows, on Friday, after work, we all met up at Kaygetsu in Menlo Park for kaiseki, which was ever so delicious. My favorite course out of all of them was probably the starter, but maybe because I was relatively hungrier for that course:)

Saki zuke (starter)
Well actually that anago, jelly, and quail egg thing was pretty amazing, so maybe it’s not just cos it was the first course. Mmmmm…

After dinner, we hung out at misa’s — have I mentioned their hot tub? Yeah, I must’ve:) It’s a lovely hot tub. We stayed in there ’til neb came to remind us that we should maybe not stay in the hot tub for hours, which evidently you’re not supposed to do. Go fig!

The next day we woke up for dim sum in Oakland Chinatown — no photos, just lots of eating:) We went to Oakland Chinatown cos it’s where I know, not cos necessarily there aren’t restaurants elsewhere. Actually, if anyone has a fave dim sum place in the Bay Area, I would love to hear all about it.

Then we played Scrabble.
20060218 Scrabble
I won!!! Oh yes! I actually sort of think it was partially luck. Just for example, I started with an X and made “AXON” which gets double points while Yut ended with both the Q and the Z at the very end! But still, I was pleased:) Well duh, I guess:p

Saturday night we went to EZ5 in the city, cos it’s where Al and Julie take us, and we like it, nice atmosphere:) It was a close call, our making it out anywhere. It was a cold night and we were in our heated room watching Olympics and almost didn’t make it out, especially cos Yan thinks Shani Davis is hot and really wanted to watch his race. But we managed to get out, and a few drinks later, I know I wasn’t cold, that’s for sure.

Flaming lemon drops, taken by misa, who really knows how to take photos beyond point and shoot and hope:p

Sunday we were gonna go to Sonoma, but things didn’t quite work out. Yan and misa came to pick me up and we went to get some boba tea drinks and get misa a salad from Intermezzo. Then we went to In-N-Out cos dude, you can’t come visit from the East Coast and not have In-N-Out:) Then we started for Sonoma. But we realized we were so not going to make it, so we decided to try for Napa instead. Btw, I suck at directions. All I could tell misa about the location of the Pinole In-N-Out was that it was near a Best Buy:p Then my hint about where to turn off the 80 to get to Napa was that there’s an amusement park near there. All true, but not too helpful, unfortunately:D

So we got to Napa at like 5pm, by which time most wineries are closed. Luckily, right next door to the Napa Visitor’s Center is this tasting room (forgot name), so we went there instead:) Yan ended up with a 2004 Goosecross Napa Valley Pinot Noir and Chenin Blanc (forget the info for the Chenin Blanc), and two bottles of 2003 Dusinberré Tesoro Del Sole dessert wine, misa with the same Pinot Noir and Chenin Blanc, and me with the Pinot Noir and the dessert wine. I thought the Pinot Noir, Goosecross AmerItal (mix of Sangiovese and Cabernet Sauvignon, I think?), Chenin Blanc, and the dessert wine were the best of the wines we tasted, but I decided that I don’t drink enough wine to justify buying four wines all at once when I normally buy $10 and below wines. I just don’t think my palate is that discerning:p Although clearly, the pinot noir was good cos everyone else thought so too:)

After we got back, we hung out for a while and then we went to Kirala for dinner:)
Amaebi Heads
We got an assortment of sushi, including amaebi, which btw, the heads were extra good:) while misa and Yan both got Chirashi Sushi (I think that’s what it’s called).

After that we hung out for a while and then Yan and misa went back to the South Bay. Was a fun weekend, I thought — hope Yan thought so, too:p

misa posted up a couple of other photos from the weekend, and if Yan does too, I’ll update:)

Update: Yan posted a few photos too:)