Our nice downstairs neighbors spent winter break in their native Argentina. Before they left, they asked to use one of our tandem parking spaces, which of course was totally ok, especially since we don’t have a car. (We did ask that they park in, so if Albie needed to park he would still have space:) Although I think they would’ve anyway since the first space is covered, but anyways, this is a terrible digression:p)

So! To continue my story, they brought back some little cookies for us from Argentina, called alfajores, I think, from the looks of the box.

alfajores havanna

This picture does not do them justice. These little cookie/cake/whatevers may be unprepossessing, but they are ever so delicious. I have been gobbling daintily eating one (or two) daily since we opened the box; they are lovely with tea. In a few days, they’ll be gone and I don’t know where to get more, and oh my god, what’ll I do then?! If our next vacation destination is Argentina, you will know why.

Although this brings to mind a question (note I did not say “begs the question” cos that would be WRONG): Why wasn’t I introduced to the joys of alfajores a long time ago, CT? You were in Argentina like 10 years ago. That’s 10 extra years I spent in ignorance of the alfajor! Hmmmph. I expect an explanation.