The brackets, they have arrived:) I’m just going to put them up for now, in approximate order of arrival, comment a little later.

BFJS, Gonzaga

Katie, Gonzaga

CT, Villanova

Seth, Kansas

Yut, UConn

Kitty, Air Force (for the uniforms! teeheehee:) Well I understand the temptation:p)

Se Jin, Duke

yb, Boston College

Al, Duke

misa, UConn

And last:

mine:), UConn

Hope I didn’t miss any:) Let me know if there are errors. Commentary type talk coming soon, but feel free to draw your own conclusions:)

Update (already!): I just realized that the large size brackets that I tried to link to are unreadable…at least for me. I’ll fix this when I can.
Update2 (~2:25pm PST): Wait I think they’re ok, just have to zoom in. Also, I had to make up late submission rules cos 2 people submitted late! misa, the defending champion (champion, teehee) who thought it was due at 12 noon PST, HAHA, someone else who had time zone difficulties, and Jim (a co-worker), who forgot til I mentioned it and so I haven’t even put up his bracket yet. Anyhows, the rule is this: if you submit to me after a game started, but before the game ended, then you’ll get the point if EVERYONE else guessed correctly. If you submit after the game finished, then it’s a 0 for sure. I think this sounds fair, if anyone has a better idea let me know:) That means that misa may get up to 3 0s, and Jim has 3 definite 0s and 3 more maybe 0s. Some of you didn’t fill in the part with the total points scored in final game… basically if the game goes 75-70 (last year’s score) then total points is 145. Submit that number please, I’ll add it in. It’s the tiebreaker. Oh Jim picked California for the winner:)