Hey y’all, it’s March Madness! You know what that means; it’s bracket-filling time:) Y’all probably already know I lurve March Madness, with the one game win-or-lose deal and the excitement! So I have a little Know-Nothing contest I guess. It’s a no downside, not too much upside sort of thing. Anyone who wants to fill out a bracket, mail me (mim at nothingedifying dot com) and I’ll send you a fillable spreadsheet, or you can use any bracket really, tons around the web. Then mail it back to me via email or snail mail or anyway you like:) But I need it postmarked by Thursday 10am EST, ok?

1 pt for each first round game, 2 pts for each second round game, then 3, 4, 6, and finally 8 pts for the championship game. (I copied that from Todd. Actually, the spreadsheet is Todd’s, too:p) Free to enter, whoever wins will get a sticker or a postcard or something or nothing (hence no downside, not too much upside either). But I’ll announce it, so at least there’s that:p

Last year’s winner was misa with 50 points, followed by Kitty with 49 points, third was Yut with 46. I won’t mention the rest of us:p

Last year’s posts for those of you who would like a recap:

Update: I just realized, I missed the last posts from last year. The scores are wrong. misa wins! was the point when there was no way for misa to lose, but there were two more posts (damn March Madness for going into April):

And the final scores were misa: 56, Kitty 49, and Yut 46. Basically misa was more dominating than previously stated:p