My Blog is Broken Again

This is like a monthly or biweekly event. So stuff that’s there will show, but I can’t add anything, and I don’t think comments work cos I tried to add one.

BUT! The cool news is, for once it’s DEFINITELY not my fault. Cos Rails 1.1 came out and the servers got upgraded, and my blog broke. I guess Typo and Rails 1.1 aren’t too happy with one another. At least I think this is why — I’m talking ’bout stuff that’s beyond me. So I’ll fix it when I can, if I can. Yeah, so have I mentioned about how I’m starting to think Typo and maybe Rails to some degree aren’t super ready for production? This definitely could be just me, not like I actually know what I’m talking about:p


  1. WordPress literally takes 5 minutes to set up.
    And it never breaks!


    Actually our blog does go down but you can blame the goddamn dirty router for that.

  2. Yeah, seriously! I am really considering it. Because it’s not like I know what Rails and Ruby on Rails are all about anyways. It’s not like I’m trying to customize anything, or do anything special. I do like some things about Typo, but it doesn’t seem worth the problems. It’s not noob friendly. Except if it automagically starts to work, then I’ll probably put it off:D

    Also, what’s a dirty router? I thought maybe your server crashed:p

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