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Okay, so my grand experiment with typo, it just didn’t work out.  I’m tired of having problems with it every other week or whatever.  I know a lot of times it was my fault, I guess I need it to be more me-proof :p  When it was running, it was nice though:)  I mean, I like the way the sidebar is managed and the flickr and integration.  All of that is possible with plugins for WordPress though, I just gotta figure it out.  Or live without it.  Whichever.

This isn’t the way I want this to look yet.  But yut is already using Blix, which is a really cool theme, so I’ll have to figure something else out:)  Also, I imported posts from Blogger and from typo, only the ones from typo, I wasn’t able to import the comments.  Which is saaaaaad, cos the comments were the best part!  But I can’t figure out how, if it’s even possible.  So if you want to look at those old comments, I put my old typo stuff onto a subdomain.  That’s all I can think of for now, I’m dead tired!  Good thing no work tomorrow.


  1. blah! does this mean i can finally post comments again?… this is weird… why do i have to leave mail info. ehhh i left bozo. anyways. YAY my cousins are coming weeeee. ok yeahhh wuts with all the issues. xanga never gives me problems!!

  2. Yes! I know, it was nuts. But I’m hoping it’ll be okay now. I don’t like Xanga so much — I felt like it was really limiting. For example, I tried to add your feed to my yahoo so it’s easier to tell when you’ve posted, but I can’t do it, and I don’t know why, and Xanga support never emails me back. But I guess it’s true, it doesn’t go up and down every other week:p

    Also, what cousins are coming?

  3. LOL WHAT cousins are coming?! lol in case u didnt notice i refer to u guys in the third person a lot=P

  4. Oh I thought maybe you had other cousins visiting cos we’re not visiting til May:\

  5. I like this look. I also like that I can read all the comments, even when they exceed 10. Nice switch.

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