We went to Beckett’s (a local Irish pub type place) for dinner and beer and watched the last minutes of Villanova vs. BC. It went into overtime! Great ending:) It was especially fun cos everytime someone made a score, or mistake we’d be reacting with “Ooooh!” or “Oh yes!” and we’d hear “YEAH!!!” or a groan or whatevers from someone or someones random. Was instant feedback! Good stuff:)

Overall Sweet 16 Scores
The current scores. More games throughout this weekend, so things’ll be changing fast. I keep trying to pull away from Katie, but she just catches back up:p

We also calculated the points in future games that are already lost cos the team you picked has been eliminated, the points still available, and the highest possible points you can possibly get. This means that Kitty’s sewn up last place! Sorry Seth and yb, nice try.