Actually, before I start, here is Jim’s bracket.
Jim's 2006 bracket
Jim picked California, which I know I said, but you know, just in case.

And for those of you who didn’t watch any games (I’m all pretending like I watched soooo many games, when actually I watched zero:p), and aren’t going to go look up who won…

Gold boxes are the games played already.

And now, FINALLY, the scores! :)
March 16th Round 1 Games
The . looking thing denotes the games that misa and Jim got an automatic 0 for. misa’s score would’ve been 10 otherwise. The # denotes the games that Jim was also eligible to get an automatic 0 for. In the case of Tennessee, everyone else got it right too, so he got the point. If he’d been on time, he’d have 14 points! Doooooood. The highlighting is just to point out the stuff we all agreed on, wrong or right:p

Anyhows, CT (all that trash talking and winner mentality must be working:p), Katie (in 8th grade, I think?!), me, and Yut are in front! Woot:) Unfortunately, Seth’s tournament bad luck continues from last year. And Kitty, I’m sorry, but Air Force? The team you picked as the National Champion? Gone. Blame Illinois:p

This whole no knowledge, no skills, and most importantly no money involved deal makes people pick craaaaazy… It’s like Deal, or No Deal, but waaaaaay better:)