I’m watching Korea vs Taiwan in the World Baseball Classic (think World Cup for soccer/football) right now. The game’s being played on ESPN2, delayed though. As usual, Taiwan is being called Chinese Taipei. Sheesh, I’m so sick and tired of that. Wikipedia has a page for World Baseball Classic that talks about the whole “Chinese Taipei” controversy a little at the bottom. Actually, there’s a whole page devoted to the Chinese Taipei thing.

Seriously, if nothing else, China should AT LEAST call it Chinese Taiwan. For goodness’ sake, Taipei is ONE city in Taiwan. I don’t think that’s all the territory China is claiming. Also, why does the Taiwanese Olympic flag have the Kuomingtang party symbol on it? (For the nerds who are thinking the KMT party flag has shorter points than the national flag, that difference is small; I don’t even see it.) Taiwan is no longer a one-party authoritarian dictatorship. Gawd, I can’t get started on this. This may be a post for another day:) (Maybe next month:p I’ve realized that I’ve been ranting a lot the past few days. I mentioned irritable, right?)

I’ve strayed a bit off topic:p Anyhows, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and China make up group A. I think Japan must be considered the favorite out of the group, since they have a lot of players in MLB and a big league of their own and home field advantage, then Korea (also with the multiple MLB players), then Taiwan with 1 MLB player (Hong-Chih Kuo), and last China. Oh Korea won, 2-0. I think this was considered a must-win for both teams, so that’s good for Korea. China vs Japan next, but bedtime.