For a while there, TV got bad. Project Runway ended, so did Full-Metal Alchemist, American Idol had so many contestants I couldn’t keep them all apart, Apprentice felt tired somehow, Amazing Race had a bad season with the lame family thing which even Phil couldn’t save and I haven’t been able to keep up with the latest one, House was on hiatus, all sorts of shows were being irregularly scheduled, and Lost seemed to be losing momentum (shock and awe!). The only saving grace was 24, which this season has been exciting! Well also, my old standby, Law & Order. Although since Lenny’s gone, nothing’s the same.

Speaking of irregularly scheduled, why do they do that?! Like put shows on hiatus or show repeats for a few weeks then new shows for a few weeks or change time and/or day midway through, etc? It sucks! Just buy enough for the season! Or play ’em through and then play ’em again! Or buy half-seasons of two shows! Whatevs! Just not this stupid scheduling stuff. Makes it too easy to miss episodes or lose the storyline. Hmmph.

But ok, these past two weeks things are starting to look up! Not counting the end of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament of course. That was lame and boring. Although go Terps! Anyhows, Lost has been having these great moments these past two weeks — Locke last week and Hurley this week and OMG!!! I think they are starting to show some more of the unhingement that I would’ve expected sooner frankly from a bunch of people stuck on a random island. Although I suppose the prey herd instinct must’ve kicked in cos of the Others, but still. (This reminds me of something Miles said, in “Borders of Infinity” by Lois McMaster Bujold. Which btw, you’ve probably already heard me rave about her, but if you read science fiction and I haven’t raved about Bujold, consider yourself raved at. She is awesome.) Also this week and last, House is back! I’m also starting to get to recognize more of the people on American Idol. I dunno why Mandisa got voted out instead of Bucky… it was Kenny Rogers week and country is supposed to be Bucky’s milieu and still he was merely adequate at best. Also Kelly Pickler. I like her better than Carrie (winner from last year) but nevertheless, I don’t see the point of two country singers in a row. And I mean, pure country singers — neither Kelly nor Carrie can convincingly sing anything but. And oh, all sorts of other things:) Even the commercials have been good (note Slowskys)! There’s just so much tv!