Bigs, Bugs, Okay I Get It

German GiantI came across this article today, Hey, It’s Bigs Bunny! with this accompanying photo. I dunno why everyone who comes across a large rabbit wants to call it “Bigs Bunny.” It’s been done! Sheesh. Luckily, they’re saved by the cuteness of the bunnies. He’s too cute for words! Actually, they both are:)

Herman Could Be ‘Biggest Bunny’” from BBC also has the same picture but you can click to enlarge in case you want to see more Herman:D Also, evidently the large size bunny coverage saved Robert (whom I called ginormous in the first place) from the cook pot. I think this might mean that giant rabbit coverage = good.

To think, when I started all this, I was just trying to determine which giant rabbit was the most gigantic. (In case you’re curious too, I think it might be the British Giant? Or maybe the Continental Giant? Or possibly the German Giant, not sure. And for all I know, Continental Giants and German Giants could be same thing. Am not rabbit expert. In the United States, the largest breed recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association is the Flemish Giant.) I dunno why, I lurve giant bunnies:) I mean, I like little bunnies too, of course!


  1. Big bunnies have more to cuddle. You can hug them without squishing them. Lookit, that guy can barely get his arms around him. That’s a lot of hug!

  2. i love that pic too. i like the way his bunny arms are big enough to look like arms (we jokingly call fury & frost’s arms pipecleaners ‘cos they’re so little and the paws don’t really protrude sometimes)

  3. that is delicious!

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