Ever since I got Brain Age, I’ve been playing a lot on the Nintendo DS. Even though Brain Age itself takes like 20 minutes (am totally guessing) only per day, I’ve picked up Animal Crossing again. And also, misa’s comment in which she mentioned Tetris made me think, “oh yeah, Tetris!” and so I went and got that. And now it seems like I spend HOURS playing one DS game after another, every night. I mean, I have to check turnip prices (if you put turnips on tables and stuff, they don’t go bad), deweed my town (I asked misa, and she thinks the clovers are probably weeds, but I decided fuck it, I like ’em), pay down my mortgage, talk to the townsfolk, etcetc. Then I train my brain (I checked my brain age again today and it’s only 23! But I think it’s cos it didn’t do the stupid stroop test, where they show you the word (like yellow), but you have to say the color of the word. “blue. blew. baloo. BALOOOOOO. Goddammit!” Plus I’m naturally bad at it anyways.) Then sometimes I play some Tetris too. I realized from playing some of the different modes and puzzles and stuff, I’m really bad at Tetris! But still addictive:)

Today, I also watched 24 and Medium. And I also talked Yut into “just a few games of weboggle,” muahahaha! :)

So yeah. Really busy. Geesh. And more coming! I know this because when I walked in to the EB Games for the second time in a week the dude pulled out a notebook with forthcoming games listed, and asked if I wanted to pre-order anything. :p


  1. We lead a full life.

  2. I have played seemingly hundreds of games of online Tetris. It rawks. Rawk Hawk.

  3. yea we totally do tetris *all* the time, brain train often, and sometimes animal crossings although i got pissed ‘cos i tried really hard w/ my last turnip and it still died. wtf?! but yea we sometimes find ourselves wishing we had two DSes (!)

  4. Did you guys sell one of your DSes? Mim’s looking covetously at the DS Lite and SMB. The only thing stopping her from pre-ordering: no annoucement on if there will be a SMB/DS Lite bundle.

  5. We’ve only had one DS from the start. We did also have a PSP though but we’re going to sell it because no good software. Yes, we’ll be getting a DS Lite and NSMB.

  6. Actually I would like to import one but I can wait…

  7. why import? to get it sooner? I’d sort of like a Taiwan version of Brain Age to see if my parents would like it:D

    For turnips, as far as I know, all they need is to be watered every single day no matter what. At least I think that’s all they need.

  8. Yes sooner so we can play Tetris against each other. Misa and I must battle for dominance.

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