Yut’s brother is in town for a few days for some sort of conference so we went to the city to meet up with him for dinner at Farallon, which was walking distance from his hotel (San Francisco Marriott). The SF Marriott was fine, but surprisingly unswanky.

This is the main room, you can see the wall on the left and the window on the right and that’s the whole length of the room.

This is the bathroom.

Everything’s nice, don’t get me wrong, just not awesome. Aaaannnddd, no free internet!!! What the heck is that all about?! Anyways:p

Jellyfish Lights at Farallon
Farallon is mostly about seafood, and the decor reflects it. I really like these jellyfish lights:) I also like “Farallon supports organic farming, responsible animal husbandry, and sustainable fishing practices” which is printed on their menu. I don’t necessarily make a point of it, but it’s surely nice.

Chilled Creamy Asparagus Soup
This is a little bit of chilled creamy asparagus soup, “compliments of the chef”.

At a lot of restaurants, I think the appetizers are a highlight. Well, they were really good here. I can’t decide if they were a highlight, cos the main course was good too:)

Milk Poached Alaskan Halibut
Yut’s entree, “Milk Poached Alaskan Halibut”, which I think was the most disappointing, cos even tho the fish was cooked perfectly, it wasn’t as flavorful as it could’ve been, to our taste.

Roasted Mediterranean Branzino
My entree, “Roasted Mediterranean Branzino” (a Mediterranean bass) which was ever so delicious. Skin crispy and yummy, lovely pea sprouts, etc. Also, I like the plate:)

Grilled Hawaiian Ono
Yut’s brother’s entree, “Grilled Hawaiian Ono”. He really like the dijon mustard soubise, which I think is a sauce.

Then we had dessert and then we went to hang out at Coffee Bean and drink tea lattes. We had a good time. He’s a fun guy, but he was on east coast time so we kept him up pretty late as it is, so after tea, we came home. I’m getting really tired now, so I’m ending it. For which you can blame weboggle, which if I don’t play is fine, but if I start, then a few hours slip by unnoticed. :p