I was supposed to go to an engagement party today at noon. We thought we’d set the alarm for like 10:30 and we’d be good to go in plenty of time, no prob. Well, ok, but not:p First, we forgot to turn the alarm ON, so setting it for 10:30 was useless. We woke up at 11:45 (which, wow:p) and we were all, SHIT! And then we started running around getting ready, trying to rush even though we were feeling so out of it. Yut went to print out driving instructions, and he noticed his computer telling him it was 12:45, so he checked time.gov and it really was 12:45! We’d totally forgotten about Daylight Savings! Thank God for his computress. So we decided we weren’t gonna be able to make it, but we couldn’t go back to sleep, so we went to In-N-Out instead. Duh! What do you do when you know you can’t make it in time to something, but you have a car? :p I dunno why all the people I talked to yesterday (hi CT and Cliff, you bastards) didn’t mention daylight savings to me. I mean, like I would know! I can’t keep track of time on a day by day hour by hour minute by minute (etc) basis.

Oh wait, speaking of Cliff, him and his wife just had a baby, so he has an excuse. CT on the other hand seemed to have just assumed that I would know or something. You know me better than that, CT:p Not helping me out here!!! zut buh leh mao:p

The Baby, Asleep
This is the aforementioned baby:)

Ain’t he a cutie pie? We went to visit him last night for the first time ever. He is such a good baby! Well maybe he was on good company behavior:) Cos the labor and not-sleeping stories were v. scary!!! He’s being fed on a 3 hour feeding schedule, but it takes about 1½ hours to feed him and everything. But they both said it was worth it and etcetc and all I can say is … BRAINWASHED! Although he’s a cute baby, I can’t imagine getting less than 9 hours a day for over a week and being ok with it:p So yeah, they have a reason for not mentioning the time change — I’d be surprised if they have any clue about the time right now.

So anyhows, after the whole time thing messed us up today, we went shopping a little after lunch, didn’t buy much, then came home, returned the car, and took a nap (making up for the less than 8 hours of sleep we had, see? Need sleep!). Then we had hot pot for dinner, which yum! And easy! And we drank prosecco (Italian sparkling white wine) with dinner which if this post is hard to understand, it’s cos we just got done with the eating and drinking.

Nino Franco Rustico Prosecco
Nino Franco Rustico Prosecco (non-vintage).

Normally I wouldn’t give wine recommendations cos I don’t actually know anything about it. But this one was ever so delicious! Quite quaffable, to say the least.


  1. Man that Daylight Saving gets ya every time. Heehee I figured you’d know! Happens twice a year, you’d think after twenty some odd years, you’d get the hang of it by now. Passing up an engagement party for In-and-Out doesn’t sound like sucha bad deal and maybe you guys weren’t the only ones who forgot about the hour change. I slept til TWO O’CLOCK on Sunday (after the time change)! I can’t believe it. I haven’t slept past noon for a long time, no matter when I go to bed. That’s what the time change does to you, messes up your circadian rhythm. Oh that and WEBOGGLE!!!

    He is a very cute baby… so very very cute. Cute and loveable.

  2. OOPS!!! only way i remembered it was daylight savings was cuz i was actually up playing vid games. Didn’t help that we came back from dinking either. We stopped around 4 and I kept wondering why it was so late then remembered daylight savings. oops, another hour of sleep lost!! DAMN!
    OH and i def. didn’t find out about cliff’s newborn! oops!! guess i’ll have to send him best wishes and all…

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