Happy birthday, BFJS

Today is my cousin’s birthday. I went to wish him a happy birthday and casually asked, so when were you born? (I’m horrible with dates and time in general.) It turns out he is like under half my age! His sister whose birthday already passed is even younger, although she doesn’t get on Y!IM often enough so I can’t remember if I managed to wish her a happy birthday but I meant to! Gawd, I am so dependent on IM. Oh wait, I know why. It’s cos my young’un cousins never use the phone! It’s IM or nothing! Yeah so it’s really their fault, not mine:p Dang I feel old. I dunno, maybe that’s a good thing. Respect mah authoritay! Oh yeah, and happy birthday:)


  1. Thanks a lot, K. zut buh leh mao! :D

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