I Have the Brain of a 78-Year-Old

I pre-ordered Brain Age at EBGames last week. They told me that it was scheduled to be available on Monday (yesterday) or Tuesday (today) but they’d call me when it was available. Of course, I went to check after work yesterday, even without the phone call. Just in case. Well, GOOD THING I DID! Cos I got it:)

Brain Age in My DS
And it went directly into the DS. And then neuroscientist Dr. Ryuta Kawashima told me that my brain is like 78 years old — 20 is optimal. I’m prematurely old — senior citizen brain here! You can have multiple profiles on the game, so Yut tried it, and he’s got the brain of a 50something. Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! Also, my simple math skills suck! But it doesn’t take too long to play and it’s fun. :)

After playing that, it reminded me of Animal Crossing (maybe cos they’re both the type of game that you play a little a day). I haven’t played it in 2 months and my town was full of weeds! OMG, I spent hours pulling weeds! Well and talking to my townsfolk and fishing and etc. But the weeds, geez.

This is completely off-topic, but we went to Berkeley Bowl today. We were out of eggs, so we went to pick some up, but Berkeley Bowl had like 20 different brands/kinds of eggs. We ended up picking two different ones.

We picked this one based purely because of the packaging. I mean, great googly moogly! Gawd, look at them chickens!!! :D (Clearly, I am susceptible to good marketing.)


  1. hehe, yesterday i was 69 or something but today, 29! woot! seriously though, i draw my 8s all wrong.

    also, do y’all have tetris ds by any chance? it’s ruining my life, that game!

  2. My brain age was 32 but it went up to 33 today. Sheesh.

    “Cage free” eggs are awesome. Non-vegan food doesn’t have to be some horrible mutilation, bad conditions, karma destroying thing.

  3. yeah, the chickens look really happy playing with the boxes:)

    Also, yesterday I got my brain age down to 55 and I thought that was pretty good. Turns out I’m still the oldest one around:p

  4. those chickens look like they’re partying. i want to be at the chicken party.

  5. You could take pictures there… good Flickr fodder.

  6. That game sounds scary and those chickens look scarier. But I agree, besides the bad conditions of caged birds, I think those vegan fed/cageless eggs taste better and are supposedly lower in cholesterol? Someting in their feed, the disposition of the hens, I don’t know. And see, that bit of rambling there shows that my brain age is that of a biblical characters (Old Testament Genesis era).

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