You know how I spent a lot of time last year complaining about rain? Well this winter is like the rainiest one on record. Seems I spoke too soon:p It rained all day today for like the the 30somethingth day this year already.

Eucalyptus Grove
This is Strawberry Creek (in Berkeley). Usually it’s low and sort of just trickles.

Strawberry Creek Waterfall
Nowadays, it’s a muddy river, complete with waterfall. (This is a different stretch of same creek, but only a little bit upstream.) And Berkeley isn’t the worst hit of the Bay Area, by any stretch. Geesh.

I talked to someone last week who said that she noticed a pink spot on her dog’s otherwise black nose. The vet said that the nose was irritated cos the dog had developed an allergy to mold cos everyone’s house has been all closed up and there’s been so much rain that it’s all damp all the time. I know! It’s nuts!!! Gawd I can’t wait for spring to come.


  1. ooo… koool… purttyyy… BUT NOT AS PRETTY AS MY DRESS ^.^ heeheehee!!! i got my prom dress!!! and a matching purse!! and a shawl!!! and shoes!!! ALL FOR UNDER $200!!! BE PROUD OF THIS BARGAIN SHOPPER! MUHAHHAHHA. ^.^ all i gotz to do now is get me some jewlery and fix the dress(cuz i follow u in the short genes of the lin family) and IM SET ^.^ yayyyyyyyyy

  2. I love the rain! LET IT RAIN!!!!!

  3. Wow that’s Berkeley? It looks so tropical! Pretty :)

  4. it’s spring here in washington, dc. :D
    (be jealous. i know you are… ;) )

  5. Y’know, when I looked at just that photo, it did make me think Hawaii for a second… but too dirty:p

    Also, today, the weather is gorgeous. High 60s and sunny:) Go fig. Unfortunately I’m not dressed for it. :p

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