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I’ve been keeping track of the movies and books I read with All Consuming, cos I never remember and it’s an easy way to keep track. Which usually I forget really fast, but now I have a way to remember. So I’m going to give my short opinions on them (without giving anything away, hopefully). Lucky you. :P

So, in April, we watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith (the old school Alfred Hitchcock screwball comedy starring Carole Lombard and Robert Montgomery) which I didn’t like. I liked the performances ok for the most part, but there was this long boring period in the middle. I looked up user reviews on Amazon and I’m in the minority, so I dunno if this means you shouldn’t go try it if you are a Lombard or Montgomery or whoever fan etcetc, but I dunno, I didn’t like it. Yut didn’t like it much either.

Next movie we watched was Lost in Translation, which I liked! A lot! I dunno, there was just something about it… stranger in a strange land sort of feeling and wistfulness. Yeah, really liked it. That pink wig though… it’s like the 2nd time I’ve seen it at least… didn’t Natalie Portman wear the same damn wig in Closer??? :P

Watched Runaway Jury (Gene Hackman, John Cusack, Rachel Weisz, etc) was good fun.

Read the whole His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman (the Golden Compass, Subtle Knife, and Amber Spyglass) which is a fantasy series. Really good. I admit, I had a hard time getting through the first like quarter of the first book, but after that it zoomed. Yut read it too and he really liked it a lot from the first. In fact he started carrying them to and from work just so he could read a little on his way in.

Watched The Exorcism of Emily Rose (Laura Linney, Tom Wilkinson, et al.) which I really liked. Was good fun. Somehow Laura Linney is always really good… elevates things. Oh speaking of which, if you haven’t seen You Can Count on Me, you oughta. It’s really good. Definitely worth watching.

Watched Bad Education (La Mala Educación in Spanish with English subtitles directed by Pedro Almodóvar) which was good but disturbing. I know, I think most things are good. But… well in different ways, they are. Like if you are in the mood for light fun Runaway Jury will be better than Bad Education or even Lost in Translation, but I wouldn’t say it’s a better movie overall. Anyhows, if you have problems with homosexual sexual acts, this will be disturbing. There’s nothing that’s actually shown, but it definitely implies enough so that you know exactly what they are showing. It really showed how something horrible can happen to one person, but reverberate much further than that. And also, how far a person will go to “succeed.” Really good characterizations.

Last weekend I reread the entire Mallorean series (fantasy by David Eddings) which I hadn’t liked that much the first time around anyhows, so I don’t know why I did it. But the first book (Guardians of the West) is pretty good and drew me into it and so of course I finished the rest. In general though, don’t bother. The last book (Seeress of Kell) is especially disappointing. Although I’ll say this, it’s a quick read. Sort of like The Da Vinci Code (I didn’t like it much although it was a quick easy fun read). Still though, if you haven’t read the Belgariad (first book is Pawn of Prophecy), then read that cos it’s better and still is easy fun read. More fun cos it’s better.

Also read Threshold by Sara Douglass, which was really good. I’ve reread it now, and it’s still really good! It’s really this book that made me stay up all night Saturday.

I think if you have a chance, read Threshold and the His Dark Materials trilogy (trilogy only, so no worries about waiting for the next book) for sure! :)


  1. yah, “lost in translation” is good. actually, i think jennifer garner wore that exact pink wig in the series premiere of “alias.” they must just pass it around from actress to actress as need be. :P

  2. I loved the daemons, the panserbjorn, Lee Scoresby, the subtle knife.. okay, I loved pretty much everything about “His Dark Materials” :)

  3. I love the panserbjorn too. I thought the first book was the best cos of them :D

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