I’d forgotten what it was like here in the DC area during the summertime. I know I know, I just spent all this time getting on dial-up just to say “wow” about humidity. But DOOOOOOOD! Also, I tried to whine to CT about it and she said, “Not like you’ve never lived here before.” No sympathy. No respect! Zut buh leh mao! :p

I mean, it’s like intellectually, I know about the heat and humidity, but somehow, feeling it again… well, it was inspirationally bad, if there’s such a thing.


  1. Ohhh… I didn’t think it was possible but I think I’m suffering from fun OD. So tired. x-p I need another break. ;)

  2. i think we ordered the humidity, just for your visit… ;)

  3. just feel lucky that u left when u did… today sucked balls on humidity… ugh

  4. omg, you got an ad for “midget sexy girls” on your blog! hahahahahaha!!! :D

  5. damn… and now it’s gone… :(

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