I walked by someone eating a banana this afternoon. The smell from the banana was suddenly so good that I was tempted to snatch it from his hands and run. Skipped lunch today and I was hungry! I can’t remember what the guy looked like or what he was wearing or anything, but I know the banana was only 1/3 eaten. :P


  1. i ate lunch. and a snack. and i’m still hungry. what’s wrong with me?!

  2. Yay, not just me! :D Today, I ate 2 slices of pizza, then I got a brownie and a soy no-water chai tea latte from Starbucks (completely off topic: when I get the chai tea latte with soy, I like it no water, but if I get it with milk, I like it with water). Yut stopped after 2 slices of pizza. I was like… must have chocolate… so I continued eating, all by myself.

    Oh also, I realized… this post was me being like Wendell (from Animal Crossing)! He’s a WALRUS!!! Argh! And lastly, if you need a country guitar, let me know, I got an extra now. :P

  3. I thought you didn’t like bananas.

  4. puhahahhaha u’re horrible~ next thing ya noe, you’ll be wanting to steal ice cream from lil kids~ =P

  5. I don’t like bananas that much. I mean, they’re ok but I don’t generally crave them. But that was part of the point:p

    Also, it’s true, I have no shame. Driven by gluttony:p

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