I Spent a Day in SF, Part of it Out in the Sun(!)

This weekend, for like the second weekend in a row, we made it out of our apartment. I know, crazy! But the weather’s been amazing.

We went to the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco on Saturday. I really like the new building. And I really like the location. It’s like 1 block from the Civic Center BART stop. How awesomely easy is that?! Makes me think we should go more often.

After we went to the museum, we walked to Coffee Bean, which was a bit of a longer walk than I anticipated. I think the distance between Civic Center BART and Powell Bart is greater than the distance between Powell and Montgomery, but I didn’t know ’til we did the walk. :P
It was a nice day for it though. Look at the sky! :)

Then we went to Medicine Eatstation (161 Sutter St)
medicine new-shojin eatstation
where we were meeting misa and neb for dinner. It’s a vegan (or vegetarian? but I think vegan) Japanese restaurant, but I don’t think that should be a deterrent, cos it’s really good. We decided to go with the fixed price kaiseki options, but there are 6 and 9 course options, so we got 2 of each. I would say that it’s perfectly fine to go with the 9 courses. Sometimes the 9 course option at some restaurants leave you too full for anything, but I think every course is so light that it wouldn’t be too bad here. Although if the tempura isn’t a part of the kaiseki, it’s worth ordering on its own. So mouthwateringly delicious — we finished it before I remembered about the camera. They brought out a mung bean sprout amuse bouche which was also really good, and I don’t even like sprouts most of the time.
amuse bouche
Also, misa got this caramel apple thing for dessert and that was amazing.
I think she was tempted to lick the plate. :)

For the kaiseki, I particularly liked the first course for both the 6 and 9 course options.
1st Course - Zen Temple Kaiseki
From the 6 course option, it’s actually sesame tofu with a sesame sauce. The sauce was amazing. Gawd, I can’t remember if I drank it but I should’ve.
1st Course - New Shojin Kaiseki
The asparagus has the same sauce and the rice is seasoned sushi rice wrapped in sakura leaf. Then from the 6 course menu the cabbage wrapped bean curd thingie: from Zen Temple Course
Much more appetizing than I’m describing it. And then the rice course from the 9 course menu
New Shojin Course
Both the rice and the miso were amazing. The rest of the courses were really good too, these were just the standout courses, for me.

Afterwards we went back to Berkeley, and misa dominated in Tetris. Well actually she would’ve beat me up but I refused to play against her, cos that’s the kind of wimpy that I am! Well, but I got beat by a bunch of random people instead, especially the people whose names are in Japanese! So I don’t know why I thought that was better. I didn’t think of that ’til after misa and neb left though:P Also, I made her come to visit my town in Animal Crossing cos some of my townsfolk have been saying things like, “It’s been 122 days since I last saw misa!” so I got the hint:D

Edited to add: I meant to mention, Medicine has a happy hour (they call it “Contentment Hour”) from 5:30 to 6:30pm where their drinks are all 50% off. Which is a big deal especially in the city cos drinks are always expensive! But not as cool as the places that serve $1 oysters and half priced drinks. :D

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  1. mmm that food was delicious

    my townspeople miss you but they weren’t counting they days, they’d just be like, “that mim, what a character!” ok well not that exactly but i can’t remember the wording and they did said weird stuff.

    maybe my townspeople aren’t day counters, or they can’t count; they’re always talking about working out and their muscles and stuff.

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