Mrs. Logan r0x0rs

Did y’all watch today’s 24? OMG! :o But ok, all I’m going to say is, Martha Logan’s (Jean Smart) cool little triumphant smile near the end, no more than a slight up-turn of the lips… perfection. This was a great season.

Edited to add: If you haven’t seen the episode yet, don’t read the comment(s):)

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  1. dude, yeah — ssh and i watched it last night. and it was sooooo goooood. was she in on it from the start? was it planned?? i say it was planned. that jack never meant to extract the confession from the president. that he planned it so that logan would get all comfy and confess b/c he felt like jack was no longer a threat. blah.

    but the chinese? i have no ideers what that was all about cuz i never watched any of the other seasons. :P

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