New Theme

I got bored of the old one. Actually, I just decided I didn’t like it all that much. So I switched. Some of this stuff might not work right for now, but the default blog page is ok at least, so I’ll fix the rest if/when.

This theme is called Remember and it’s by Becca Wei of beccary. What do you think? Better? Worse? Stuff you liked from before? Or if I didn’t mention it, would you barely notice? :D


  1. i like the burgundyness =P

  2. it’s interesting… the texture kind of makes me think of a woman’s pants.

  3. I like the old one better.

  4. this reminds me of the clearance section at k-mart for some reason. :|

  5. Oh wait, I just saw the guppies. In that case, NICE theme! :)

  6. I like it! actually i don’t remember the old one. something blue, but it’s a nice surprise since i haven’t visited in a week!! I think u should do a monthly or bi weekly theme change!

  7. new theme again! I decided the old one wasn’t too me, whatever that means. :D

    I can’t make up my mind about stuff, obviously

  8. i like this one; it’s purdy

  9. i like the cute little alien-like emoticons. :D

  10. Aren’t they cute? :) They’re from Beccary too.

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