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I started to write a little short review of the New Super Mario Bros. I mean a little more of one than before. But I dunno. I guess I’m not a game reviewer, cos it wasn’t v. interesting, even for me. :D I’ll tell you what though, I like the New SMB a lot. I like it the most since Super Mario World, but I still think Super Mario World was the best Super Mario game. It’s the only one I managed to completely finish, so maybe I’m biased. But maybe I finished it because it was just that damn good. So I dunno. Still this one’s been really good. Only everything takes me a long time because I have this predilection for jumping in holes. I also run into goombas and koopas and whatever else a lot (damn Hammer Bros.), but my biggest problem is definitely random jumping.

You know what’s saved my ass though? In World 2-4, there’s that koopa coming down the stairs, and just like in the original SMB, you can jump on him ’til you have max (99) lives. Just jump on him once to stop him on the stairs, go to the step below him, then jump straight up, no direction, and you’ll keep jumping forever! I have to admit, I wasn’t successful, so when I got myself down to 1 life (again! Gawd.) I had Yut do it for me. Of course he succeeded on his second try. I gave him instructions though!!! I was backseat playing, so to speak. :P


  1. thx for the tip — i’ll have to use it ‘cos i like the game but i totally suck at it! (=

  2. Yeah, I thought it was Something Everyone Should Know:p I know I needed it!

  3. Did you beat it already?

    I have completed every world (beat the castle at least) except for 6 and 8. Need to work on those.

    Then I need to find all the big coins!
    And the warp thingies.

  4. I haven’t beat it yet. I’m still in World 3. Yut’s beat it though. He warped straight to World 5 after World 1 or something. He’s going back to play the rest of the levels now, I think. So, I got some catching up to do:p

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