I have a paper due this Thursday. It’s worth 25% of my final grade. I haven’t started it. Just thinking about makes me feel freezed up scared. Bleeeccchh. And I’ve been worried about this paper for months. Basically the moment it was assigned I started worrying about it and trying not to think about it all at the same time. You’d think I’d put myself out of my misery and just write the damn thing but instead I continue to put it off. Also, the New Super Mario Brothers is coming out tomorrow (pre-ordered, ooooh yes!) and I won’t be able to play it really. Okay so I’m stupid. Also, Yut’s been awful! He keeps singing the Super Mario theme and the Bowser castle theme and counting down the days and sending me links cos he thought it’d be motivating. Ha! Come to think of it, why am I typing this instead of my paper? But there you have it. I hate writing papers.


  1. Just write the stupid paper already.

  2. play for 20 minutes after every page. wait, how many pages? that might be impractical if it’s like 20 pages. (= ok, maybe after every 3 pages.

  3. i told you i’d write it for you! lame.

  4. it’d be far lamer for you to write it for her. you haven’t taken the class.

  5. “i told you i’d write it for you! lame. ” i’m confused… what are you saying is lame?

  6. I think she was saying that it was lame that mim didn’t just let her write it for her.

  7. academic honesty is lame?

  8. Academic honesty is lame only if the reason why you go to school is to not learn anything.

  9. school is lame. :)

  10. hey, i just noticed the fishies!
    those are not so lame. :P

  11. lol… this sounds awfully familiar… IM ALMOST DONE WIth sCHOOL!! EXAMS ARE NEXT WEEK THEN IM DONE! MUHAHAHHAHA

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