SMB, Here I Come

So it’s 3am, and I’ve finished my paper, or at least I’ve decided I’m done. It could be better, but it could be worse. Yut calculated that if I get a C+ on the paper, and do reasonable (B+/A- or above) on the exam, I’ll have an A for the course, and I think I’ve written a C+ (minimum, hopefully) paper. I mean, unless I completely misconstrued the paper topic and fail. (This is the kind of wonderful thinking my brain does in relation to essays.) Thanks to everyone for the comments and encouragement and advice and etc. I checked my blog a lot yesterday to see if there was anything new:p Also, my paper requirement was only 6 pages long, I’m just a stressed out whiner when it comes to essays.

BUT. Regardless, I’m glad the paper is due tomorrow. Can you imagine if I could put it off ’til the weekend? I totally would’ve! And then this weekend couldn’t be an SMB weekend! Which I’m not saying that’s what it’s going to be. At all. It’s just that I’ve barely played. I got to the first castle on World 1 so I could save and I realized I would always want to play to at least the next save point (probably castle) and so I decided I better not play. I know, so crazy responsible, what’s going on?! But yeah, now I can play. :)

Btw, if you’re wondering, I haven’t loved a Mario Bros. game so much since Super Mario World on the SNES. Well maybe Paper Mario. But that’s different. And in this game I’m back to playing as Luigi! (Me and Luigi, together again!) I have to say though, the first boss at the castle was too easy (this will probably later be filed under ‘famous last words’). On the other hand I guess the thing about bosses is that usually it’s getting to the boss that hard, not killing the boss. Except Bowser. Bowser he’s hard to reach and hard to kill. Good times, good times. :D

I think I’m tired to the point of hyper. Or something. Maybe incomprehension:p


  1. woo-hoo! now you can play all weekend! :D

    i miss playing mario *anything*. i have a hankerin’ to play mario kart on n64. sigh…

  2. i got past the castle and then died repeatedly before i could save again. i think was tired. i’d just die in stupid ways. like, enter world, walk into mushroom, die, repeat. so sad.

  3. You don’t die by walking into a mushroom. You 1up. You grow. But not die.

    I like how he says “Bye” when you close the DS.

  4. Yut likes that “Bye” too! He just showed me last night as a matter of fact.

    I’ve always thought goombas looked like mushrooms with eyes. They’ll kill you! Personally, I keep jumping into thin air. I spent like 2.5 hours trying to pass this bouncy level (1-5) because I got too enthusiastic about the jumping and jumped my way into nowhere over and Over and OVER again. I finally had to go back to 1-2 to get more lives cos I got worried! :p

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