Snippets from the Weekend

I didn’t go to sleep until Saturday morning at like 5am or something crazy like that. Then I woke up at 11am, although I stayed in bed for a while. Which is 6 hours, which doesn’t seem all that bad, but for me it’s clearly not enough. And that doesn’t even make up for whatever lost sleep during the week. So I took a nap Saturday evening. I know, you’re thinking… wait, you didn’t even wake up ’til Saturday afternoon, why don’t we just count the hours you were awake, there’s less. But no, I don’t think like that. It’s all about how many hours of sleep did I get.

Speaking of sleeping, I pulled an allnighter. I think all that sleeping on Saturday messed me up, so I ended up staying up all night reading. (I bought 6 books this weekend. This may be a minor record. But they were all used so really, it’s more like I bought 3 books. :D) But in an attempt to stay up on Sunday, we managed to get out of the house during the daylight hours on Sunday! Oh yes!

Yut says that in the middle of my Saturday nap, I suddenly sat up and said, “I was dreaming that I was sleeping.” Then I promptly fell back asleep. So you see, even while I’m sleeping, I’m actually thinking about sleeping. And I can wake up long enough to talk about it too! :p

In other random conversations, while discussing math (cos of Brain Age):

me: Goddamn I suck. I took double the time you did.
Yut: That wasn’t double.
me: Shut up. Don’t embarass me even more. :p

It’s just simple stuff too… 7×8, 15÷5, 12-9 that sort of thing. Damn Brain Age!

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  1. hahaha :)

    i haven’t really done calculations on hard mode yet. did the head count thataway and it was impossible! but dude, the brain age check never uses calculations, and always the stooopid stroop test (if you can talk that is)!

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