An Inconvenient Truth

I keep not posting when I mean to post so then the next thing comes up and then I end up with a random post about a lot of disparate things, unless I concentrate. Oh well, not like it matters:p

Last week was excruciatingly hot. I mean for the Bay Area. Which isn’t really too bad, more like a confirmation of summer. But you gotta remember that around here no one has air conditioning so it can get pretty uncomfortable. But okay, anyhows, on Thursday, it was so hot that Yut and I decided going home right away would suck (tar roof, poor insulation at our place:p) so we went to see An Inconvenient Truth. (Yes it was too hot to go home so we went to see a movie about global warming harhar.) Which btw, if you haven’t seen it yet, I completely recommend it. I wanted to see it, and I love Al Gore, but I’ll admit I was a bit apprehensive about watching him give a presentation as a movie — I mean, I think of Al Gore as being extremely wonky. (Although wonky > ignorant-and-proud-of-it, but I digress.) Anyhows, it was even better than I thought, clear and riveting (Yut says, “It was definitely interesting, maybe not riveting!” ) and scary and hopeful all at once — I think I alternated between tears and goosebumps the whole time.

I especially liked the stuff he said about how 100% of peer-reviewed science agreed about global warming, that all the so called doubt about it comes from lobbyists and politicians and marketing types, not actual scientists. And it really struck me when he said that global warming is as big a threat to our cities and people as terrorists. And I liked his photos of areas all over the world in the past when there was a lot of snow and ice everywhere and the present where it’s clearly receded. I like how he made it really clear that everything is still fixable, it’s never too late. Well, there was a lot to like, I’m probably forgetting something. :)

An Inconvenient Truth
Random cameraphone shot of one of the scenes of the movie — Al Gore walking onstage.

misa and neb watched it a while back, and wrote about it, too — “The Polar Bears are Drowning. I can’t say that I’m doing all or even most of all that, but still, there’s a lot of stuff I didn’t even know about, like menstrual cups! and green power! (Actually I haven’t figured out how to get green power around here.)


  1. i need to take myself to go see it. i got a screenit email about it, and coulda seen it for free but alas, i did not win the random drawing.

    definitely on my to-do list tho. :)

  2. You guys don’t have a car and you live so close to work so I’d say you’re doing quite well. :right: (I’m not sure how that icon amounts to “right” but it’s green)

  3. I had to make stuff up, cos I mean, there are a lot of icons! I ran out of stuff after a while.

    :left: @@ :right: :down:

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