It started out with a tickly throat. The next morning I had a scratchy sore throat which I felt everytime I swallowed. And my sinuses were all cloggy. Then the sore throat went away but got replaced by a cough. And the clogged sinuses are now a runny nose. And that’s how it’s stayed.

At first I thought I might be getting a cold. But now I’m wondering if it’s allergies, cos it ain’t going away. Also today, I was working in a third floor office and the window was open and there was a slight wind and I started coughing and I couldn’t stop and you know how when you try to stop coughing after you’ve already started it just makes it worse? Well like that. But it was worst in the office next to the window. Although there’s construction going on nearby so maybe dust. But the other person in the office was fine. I’ve never had allergies before, but I’m getting older, maybe I am. GAWD I hope not cos this sucks! :p


  1. Buy some Claritin, it helps me. My allergies usually only last a few days. You will have to sign some form to explain its not for you to cook up meth though. While I was signing the form, I was sneezing and wheezing so it seemed pretty obvious.

  2. Sign a form just to buy Claritin? Geez, must be a CA thing! I had no idea Claritin could be used to make meth.

  3. If it gets really bad- you should ask for a prescription of Flonase! That stuff ROCKS!

  4. Everyone here’s got a sore throat!! Now I got it too. :yuck:

  5. I now think it was a cold after all. I feel better lately, and Yut actually had mild fever. We been feeding Yut chock full of drugs, including Wal-fed (or something like that) which is Walgreens brand Sudafed which I had to show my id for and they took down my contact info, I guess just in case I tried to buy more than my allotted amount. No form, but sheeeeeesh!

    Also, Julie recommended Halls Fruit Breezers lozenges and they are yummy like candy. Soothing too. If my throat feels even a little tickly that’s a good enough excuse.

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