Damn Holiday

July 4th falls on a Tuesday this year. SUCKS! We get Tuesday off, but not Monday! It’s ridiculous! They should’ve skipped like President’s Day (I love you Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, but I can love you without the day off in February) and given us Monday off instead. It could be like President’s Day Observed (Observed). Or just move July 4th to Monday. June really only needs 29 days, doncha think?

Guess I shouldn’t complain. I mean, day off is day off. But still. Hmmph!


  1. Dude, I thought Berkeley gave every reasonable day off!

  2. I know! It’s a complete disappointment! :x

  3. I love it! No bosses in today – Party!!! ^^

  4. guess i shouldn’t tell you i got monday off, too, huh? :D

    we switched it for columbus day… :)

    btw, don’t complain. you git a day off for cesar chavez or something, right???

  5. we don’t get Indigenous People’s Day off (I think it’s too controversial:p) so we couldn’t have switched.

    We do get Cesar Chavez day off, but really, it’s just the last day of Spring Break.

  6. wait, does that mean you get spring break off, too?! dude, you totally can’t complain then. :P

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