Farmer’s Market

I been waiting for misa and neb (but in this case, especially misa) to get back from London to post about this, so she wouldn’t miss it cos I’m mean like that:p Last weekend for like the first time this year, we went to the local farmer’s market. And guess who was there?! BERNIE! The apple cider dude! With lots of cider:) (I mean, I think his name is Bernie cos the cider is called Bernie’s Best, but honestly, I have no idea what his name is.) Well we only bought one cos usually he’s around every weekend, hopefully, but yup, it’s as delicious as I remember it to be. Mmm mmm — teeheehee:)

Also, completely unrelated, there was this stand where this woman was selling Indian snack type food and she had mango lassi available and it was $4 a cup, which is a lot, but it was the best lassi I’ve ever had. (Actually, considering the amount of superlatives I’m using, I’m wondering if I was just extra hungry or thirsty or something.) Well anyhows, it was really thick and fruity, and good. misa told me once that it’s not hard to make lassis, so I’ll have to ask her about it, except it seems like it’d be troublesome.

I just realized that there’s really no point to this post except to talk about how yummy the drinks at the farmer’s market are. I mean, the fruit and veggies and everything else is really good too, of course:)


  1. for a second there, i thought bert and ernie had somehow together created a sesame street character called “bernie,” and i was all like, “cool… where are the pics???”


  2. mim, i hate to tell ya but i checked (a few) blogs during our trip. (=

    mmmm bernies. and mmmm mango lassi. if it were the uk it’d be $8 a cup. (i’m going to use this justification a lot i think.)

  3. oh yeah:) it was london, not middle of nowheresville. Oops :oops:

  4. heh, it’s funny that you assume that if we *could*, then we *would*. (accurately assume. ) :D

  5. well you two are the most connected and computered ppl I know! :D

  6. I can stop using the internet anytime. Really.

  7. Oh, oh! Was meaning to tell you guys about this. I was looking on chowhound a month back and wanted to let you guys know about the thai guy in the farmer’s market…
    Here’s the review… if you guys check it out lemme know how it is!

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