Are You In or Out?

IN! I’m soooooo IN!!! Project Runway Season 3 just started today, yay! It’s just so much fun. :)

Bravo broadcast two episodes essentially of Project Runway today. First was a run up show where they showed the auditions and videos and stuff. Then they showed the actual first design episode. The challenge was to take stuff from their apartments and turn it into innovative clothing. They seriously grabbed rugs, sheets, shower curtains, chandeliers. Angela even stripped the faux leather couch. Sheesh. I thought Michael’s coffee filter dress was underrated, and I thought that Keith’s dress was overrated. I’m not saying that either of them should’ve won or lost the challenge, just that Michael’s dress was neato and cute and Keith’s dress was a blue dress made from a bed sheet, so how innovative is that? But whatevs:) Oh, apropos of nothing, Malan has the creepiest laugh. Seriously, it’s never just a laugh, it’s always a villain muahahahahaha sort of laugh. I think he mentioned that he’s done voice work for animation, which dude, I bet he’s cast as the villain’s voice a lot. I haven’t decided who I like/dislike yet. I think it’s too early for me, we’ll see how the characters are developed. :p

I actually watched the actual show first and the intro show second because the intro show was on at the same time as my other Wednesday show: So You Think You Can Dance. Also lots of good fun. This season has been even better than last season (which was the first season). I don’t know who I want to win yet for this show either. Mostly cos they all seem like good kids and they’re all fun to watch. Great show, seriously. I hope they aren’t on every Wednesday at the same time.


  1. Malan is a bit condescending, and the tattoo neck guy is also totally arrogant. It seems like reality shows are always full of ppl like that. And yea, the clothes made from bedding are definitely boring. They should have given them all like awful pink satin sheets. (=

  2. didn’t madonna wear something like that in her “material girl” video? :D

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