Hot, and not in a good way

Today was another really hot day here. Another as in it’s not the first hot day this year. Hot as in >90°F (or ~32°C) and humid. Which I know, I know, isn’t as bad as it could be, but like I’m always saying, this area just isn’t prepared for hot weather. Anyways, our apartment was completely unliveable that’s how hot it was. If you judge “hot” based on if you can stay home comfortably or not, then I think you can imagine better what I mean. :p

From like a little before noon through 9pm, we stayed out because it was like an oven — headache inducingly, enervatingly hot. We went to dim sum (what’re the good places in the East Bay nowadays? We went to Legendary Palace and it was good, but seemed way less busy than it used to be) and Oakland Chinatown for a bit, then went home to check our apartment (way too hot), then went back out to Borders which had a “Buy 3 get 1 Free” summer reading promotion (yut asked, “Can you find 4 books you want to read?” Erm…YES!!! As if he had to ask!) and hung out for like 3 hours, then came home to check (still too hot), then went to Beverages and More for some wine and beer shopping, then came home to decide what to do next. It was like 6pm by then, but still impossibly hot, so we walked back out to Starbucks and sat around for another 2+ hours, then finally got home around 9pm, by which time the apartment was okay.

Hopefully tomorrow (well really now it’s today) will be better, enough so we can stay home if we want to anyways. Days like this are way too tiring — I mean, it was basically as long as a work day! :D


  1. Haha! You had to leave the house! On a WEEKEND! hahahhahah!

  2. hmmm… ct’s got a good point. :P

    btw, i noticed you have divacup ads on your site! :D

    also… you changed your theme… again. :|

  3. Yeah, first thing I saw was the them change and then the Diva Menstrual cups… did a double take and wondered where I typed in something wrong! blech!! and then i actually wen through the links cuz i didn’t know what the hell a menstrual cup was. i think i can live through the rest of my life without seeing what actually fills up in that cup… and emptying it?? good thing i ate lunch already.

  4. Heh, Al, you obviously paid attn when I said not to read my menstrual cups post if you were squickish:p But seriously, menstrual cups are no more gross than tampons or pads. Which as it turns out, you get used to it after a few years. And yay, now you know what a menstrual cup is! :D

    Also, yes, that’s how hot it was, we left the apartment for long stretches of time 2 days in a row!!!

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