“It’s ‘Make it Work’, and this isn’t working.”

The challenge this week was to design the evening gown dress for Miss USA to wear at the Miss Universe pageant (hence “Fit for a Queen” ). Miss USA came on to tell them what she was looking for, and she was v. specific. Then they sketched out ideas and she picked the top seven who then picked amongst the rest for partners. Of course, one of the contestants is a pageant gown designer (Kayne), and annoyingly, one of the other contestants (Angela) spent the whole 30 minutes she was supposed to be sketching ideas pestering him and talking to him and trying to help or something stupid trying to get him to pick her as his partner when it hadn’t even been decided yet that he was going to be one of the team leads and gawd it was soooo annoying!!! Which I think the other people picked up on cos she was picked last. And her partner Vincent called her Allison. Bahahahahaha! Then Vincent decided to be a control freak and refused to allow her to do anything, but she was completely annoying to him, doing things like telling him how much time he had left to pick material every few minutes and then continually pointing out that she didn’t want any responsibility for the design. They were the worst team by far!!! Maybe not the worst dress, but the worst team. I think Tim Gunn didn’t see the parts where she was pestering Kayne and the parts where she was nagging Vincent, so he thought Vincent was the one in the wrong. But in his podcast he admitted he was wrong about it. And yes, I listen to the podcast. Really this show is like a 2+ hour event for me. Cos first there’s the show, then there’s Tim’s Take blog, then I look through the dresses again, then I listen to Tim’s podcast, and today I watched the exit interview. Bravo has basically covered every base, and it keeps me busy.

Spoilers coming, stop reading if that bothers you.

I thought there were a surprising number of ugly dresses this time! And these designers better start paying more attention to fit and presentation cos as the season wears on, I think they start haranguing more about it. Loads of weirdly fitted armpits and shoulders and one (supposedly on purpose) wrinkly dress. Regardless, in the end, semi-fittingly, semi-predictably, Kayne won. His dress wasn’t my fave dress — I liked Uli & Bonnie and Keith & Bradley’s better — but then again, I’m not a pageant queen. The losing dress was Malan & Katherine’s, which really was ugly. When Tim Gunn tells you the dress is really heavy and looks like it was carved out of a tree trunk, that’s soooo not a good thing. So sadly, Malan was auf’d. Which sucks! He was fun to watch! Even if I thought he was creepy! Tim said that it proves that they don’t pick based on character and personality, but who cares?! They could’ve kicked off Angela, she didn’t contribute or try or anything AND she was annoying! Gaaaaaah.

Gawd I love this show.


  1. all this talk, and you could’ve at least put the link to the website on it!

    sheesh. :P

    btw, i liked keith and bradley’s dress best. :) and i thought the winning dress reminded me of my sister’s prom dress in 1989. youch.

  2. well there ya go, you took care of it for me:p

  3. wow, i didn’t know about the podcast. i’m tempted but i’m not sure if i can commit!

  4. i watched miss universe last night just so i can see that dress!! :D

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