Multigrain Goodness, Indeed

The random holiday in the middle of the week wasn’t as bad as I thought. Yesterday was rather lovely, lots of resting and watching TV (World Cup! Tour de France! Closer from Monday that we DVR’d, Takeru Kobayashi!) and playing Super Smash Bros. (ever since misa and neb came over we been playing it again. Btw, Ness sucks! Errr… or I suck with him, fine, whatevs.) and barbecuing (baby back ribs, mushrooms, corn, skirt steak, bacon wrapped scallops, heart attack). So it was definitely nice.

But today! It was like Monday all over again! Getting up was awful, we turned off multiple alarms and crawled back into bed — good thing my bladder protested and woke me up. Oh but the good-ish thing was, since I was all zombie-like, I stopped by Starbucks in the morning to get a soy no water chai tea latte and there was ONE peach blackberry (multigrain) muffin left in the display. I whipped my head over and there were three people ahead of me, gawd, good thing none of them wanted a muffin.

On the way home, I cut through a parking lot but I was tired and not paying attention and walked under/into a tree branch. I’m a little bit bug-phobic, or actually, in general I don’t like the thought of random weird things falling on me — I’m not exactly nature girl, I guess — so I started to brush off my head, just in case. So there I was, patting my head with both hands like some kind of crazy monkey, and then I heard a car engine start. I looked up and there was a car with its lights on when I coulda sworn there wasn’t anyone around. (There’s lots of glare! How was I supposed to know? :p) I put my hands down really quickly (there was a lot of glare! Maybe no one saw!) and walked outta that parking lot. Good thing the weekend’s coming.


  1. awwww… poor mims. :)
    least you got the muffin, right? right??

  2. Hahaha, real graceful. Run into a tree, then act like a monkey on crack. :D

    I agree though, having Tuesday off was great but it made this week feel like we had two Mondays. Painful.

  3. Let’s play more super smash bros!

  4. Oh goodie, you can help us beat the Ness event. We are struggling with it! :p

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