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Lately I’ve been getting like a lot of spam everyday on my work email account, like I’ll have 5 real messages and 20 spam. It’s crazy madness! Everyday I get stuff like “sissy frivolously” or “Softwares Deploy.” Today I got spammed by Jack (unfortunately not Bauer) with the subject line “un-American Heart Attack.” I think he’s telling me that it’s un-American to have a heart attack in a crisis, no matter how bad a day you’ve been having. It’s like the spammers aren’t even trying anymore. Rarely is it “Grow 3 Inches” or “Cheap Home Loan,” so what are they trying to sell me? What’s the point anymore with the spam? Geeez

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  1. Maybe the gimmick now is to confuse you to pique your curiosity. They just want to bait you to click.

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