And Then There Was One

Today I went to the “Human Values and Ethics” class. Before the teacher even arrived, I asked someone to show me the syllabus cos I’d already missed the first class. There were like 3 different writing assignments! And some hella dense reading! It’s funny, I managed to pick two classes (“Intro to Philosophy” was the other one) which required reading Plato (no, not Play Doh, Plato!). Not that it matters! I walked outta the Ethics class before class started and went home. K messaged me all like, “Aren’t you supposed to be at class?” So I admitted I’d dropped it — I am a great example for her (she’s a college freshman this year). And I dropped the Philosophy class too. So outta 3 classes, I’m now only taking “Jazz, Blues, and Popular Music in the American Culture.” It only has 1 written assignment, but multiple quizzes and 2 exams, so I hope I don’t regret this. But it sounded interesting, too, and classes are on Monday so I don’t have class for 2 weeks almost! Oh yes!!! I sure can pick ’em!


  1. … tech class is sooooooo boring. talk talk talk talk talk.-_-;; im going to fall alseep soon….

  2. Have fun at school and play nice with the other kids!
    That’s a neat sounding class though. I’m wondering since Blues has a religious/slavery tie to it, does that mean Jazz does too? I mean American music genres sort of influence/inspire each other. And in that sense I bet Gospel music also plays along somewhere in there too. I heard an interesting NPR show about gospel tunes and how they sounded to the slavemasters to be about the Savior and all that but it really was about instructions on how to escape. Pretty clever.

  3. dude, i’d take writing papers over exams and quizzes ANY DAY. i *hate* studying. :|

  4. yeah but the classes with papers also have exams, so… :-P

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