Yesterday I watched the season finale of So You Think You Can Dance? (don’t click on the link if you don’t want a spoiler). It was a great show, I’m sad it’s over. This season, I would’ve been pretty much okay with any of the final four winning it all, so I didn’t have to vote. :D (What? I like voting! :p ) But I made the mistake of watching it and reading Yahoo! Answers on the side. They must broadcast it at different times for different timezones cos partway through I started noticing these questions with headings like, “I can’t believe ___ didn’t win! S/he was the best! Who did you think was the best?” which kind of gave away who won. Not that it matters much, there was lots of cool dancing and stuff, still an entertaining show, but I know not to do that again!

I don’t know why, but the last few days, I’ve been obsessed with Yahoo! Answers. It started out innocuously enough, I went now and then to read the questions, especially that one day that Bono asked about world hunger, and in general cos some of the questions tend to be funny. Like the other day, some dude asked why he didn’t have a girlfriend, only he posted it in the Computers & Internet category! BAHAHAHAHA!!! But a few days ago, I started answering some of the questions, just to try it out, and also cos I’m an awful know-it-all, it’s a personality defect, I can’t help myself. But then I found out there’s points! And if you get 250 points, you make level 2, and then you can rate individual answers! Or something. Anyhows, now I spend a lot of time reading random questions and answering some. I have only 1 best answer rank though, and it was a question about a video game, and really Yut answered it for me. The question was: “A long time ago, I have played a game on a very old nintendo system. Probably super nintendo or so. I remember this one game where the character ( you) can dig a hole in the ground and trap an enemy in there and if you fall in, the hole would eventually seal up and you would die. Brown and red was used the most I believe with a black (?) background. Can anyone help me name the game? Thanx in advance.” Can anyone guess? Well, I knew it wasn’t Dig Dug, which was a bunch of other people’s guesses, but I didn’t know the actual game. Yeah it’s pretty sad that I only managed one best answer and it wasn’t really even mine. :p


  1. I know what game he’s describing!!

  2. That’s not nice.

  3. I always want to search y! answers for answers by other ppl but I don’t know how to do that. :p Stupid thing!

  4. The advanced search have what you want? You can set the keyword to search on All, Questions, Best Answers, or Nicknames of Askers.

  5. wait, there’s no need to search for my answers. This is kind of embarrassing!

  6. The advanced search doesn’t do it for me… When I search for my own yid for all, I get nothing even though I’ve done some answers. So I think it doesn’t interpret the keyword as a user id except for the asker bit?

  7. Sounds like Lode Runner, but I only remember playing that on the C-64 :)

  8. You are totally right, Seth. That’s old school! :P

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