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I forgot to mention, there’ve been 4 spam comments lately, totally yuck. So I decided to install Bad Behavior which is some sort of spam filter I suppose. If anyone posts a comment and it doesn’t show up, please email me (mim at this domain) and let me know cos I’ll try something else then. Thanks!

I used to get a lot of trackback spam, but the Trackback Validator plugin basically took care of that, yay! I mean I think I’m still getting trackback spam, but it never shows up on the site, so that’s all good. Hopefully the anti-spam thing will work just as well.

Also, since this is a meta post, I may’s well mention, I put up a new theme cos I didn’t love my old one. Well I’m sure you’ve noticed by now since I did this like a month ago. But anyhows, I like this one pretty well except the things on top (About, Categories, Archives) don’t drop down when you mouse over them like they’re supposed to in Internet Explorer (6 but presumably other versions also), which is bad. It works on Firefox though and since that’s what I use I didn’t even notice for a long time, silly me. I don’t know how to fix it so I’ll have to think about this. Most of the stuff up there isn’t terribly important, but I’m sticking the archives on the sidebar in case anyone is actually trying to look through that but I can’t imagine why. :)


  1. You should contact the author first, if you run into any situations where someone can’t reach your site while you’re using Bad Behavior. :)

    As for your trackback spam, you’ll likely find that Bad Behavior catches most of it…

  2. Wow! And ok, I will. :)

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