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I realize that it’s been a while since I wrote a post wherein I pretend like I’m some kind of gourmand and food reviewer, when really, it’s more just that I’m a glutton. I don’t know, it’s a mood thing. But anyway! I’m rectifying that now.

On Saturday we went to Citizen Thai & The Monkey in San Francisco, which in case you haven’t guessed is a Thai restaurant. A very yummilicious Thai restaurant, maybe one of the best Thai places I’ve been to. Well, anyhows, it was good.

When we first walked in, it was pretty busy, but the first thing I noticed was the fountain. With a big cute frog prince! And some fish, looking at the frog prince! And a turtle, also looking at the frog prince! And some cutie pie little frogs, conspicuously not looking at the frog prince! Clearly, the giant frog with the crown was the focal point.
Frog Prince
Well actually, there’s a Buddha overlooking the fountain, but obviously I was distracted.

Then they seated us, quick and easy, even though we were a few minutes late to our 7:30pm reservations cos parking was horrific. We circled around for like… a long time, maybe 20 minutes? until we saw this great parking spot like steps from the door. Was completely amazing. Evidently there are parking garages on Vallejo, I had thought Stockton, but honestly no one should listen to me about directions. Doesn’t matter, we got primo parking spots despite the aggravation.

We were seated upstairs, although I suppose that doesn’t matter except to say that it is a 2 floor restaurant. Then we all ordered cocktails, which didn’t come super fast, but still reasonable. Then we waited and waited and waited for food. Maybe cos we were hungry or I dunno what, but it seemed to take forever!!!
 Fried sweet corn patties (Vegetarian) crispy corn spice with curry paste served with cucumber salad
Luckily when the appetizers came, they were good eats. I guess they look unprepossessing, but oh man the little fried sweet corn balls were yummilicious!

It’s a random candle photo! But look at misa and neb in the background. (awww) Complete non sequitur, I know, but no worries, the entrees haven’t shown up yet anyhows.

curries and etc.
Also luckily, the entrees were delicious. We got green curry with prawns and scallops in a coconut, crushed sesame scallops with baby bok choy in yellow curry (the tall plate in the back), and fried catfish in mango curry. Anyhows, everything was yums. I’m trying to pick something as my favorite, but I liked them all. Maybe the green curry in the coconut? Hrmm… but the mango curry was good too. And them scallops with the sesame breading… well anyhows, it was good.

I guess overall I would say the food was really good, but the service was slow. It’s not like I thought the waitress and other staff weren’t good — we were seated promptly, water glasses refilled, plates cleared, checked up on, etcetc all in a timely manner — food just came out slow. Maybe it was busy, I mean Saturday night, y’know?


  1. oh man i still want those curries. if anything having good thai curry just makes me want it more! your theme changed again, groovy.

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