Flickr Geotagging

Them flickr folks just launched a new thing: geotagging. I just spent hours geotagging some of my photos, especially the ones I took at various restaurants, which is a bunch of them. I know, I know, I dunno what’s wrong with me either.

flickr geotagging
But it was just so neato! :) Look at this, now I can tell it where the photo was taken based on the latitude and longitude and you can click on the map link for a map of exactly where it was taken.

And not only can you look at where each photo was taken, you can look at the locations of all geotagged photos:
flickr geotagging: all geotagged photos
Sadly, I mostly take photos in the Bay Area and the DC Metro Area. I’ll have to go back further in time and geotag my Hawaii pictures so the map isn’t just two locations; Hey, 3 is better than 2. :p

But I like this one even better:
flickr geotagging: zoomed in to Bay Area
It’s a hybrid version zoomed into the Bay Area.

Okay, so I’m like a crazy ad for flickr now, but I just thought this was such a cool feature. Or anyways, I had fun with it. :)


  1. i love the geotagging too! i’ve been doing it also, but all our vacation photos make me mad that yahoo won’t get it’s shit together and get real data for maps internationally. grrrrrrr

  2. I didn’t even notice til now:p
    But I tried it for Taiwan and England just to test — it makes all the other countries look like the hinterlands, doesn’t it? Weird.

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