Start of the Fall Semester

Was yesterday. Which I totally lost track of, even though I’ve been meaning to pick a class for the whole summer now. I’m always in the running for the Best Procrastinator title. Anyhows, I didn’t figure out that the semester started yesterday until today, whereupon I signed up for 3 classes. Unfortunately, I missed the first class of one of them already, but that’s ok, it’s mostly about picking up the syllabus and whatnot anyhows. Today’s class was Intro to Philosophy, which omg has 3 critical analysis type writing assignments 3-4 pages long each and 1 group presentation with another small paper basically self-analyzing the presentation and group work. Which is 4 papers. Which is scaring me. So, unless this is the bare minimum, I am probably going to drop this class. Because I fear writing. I am a complete wuss, I know, but what the heck, at least I account for it before it’s too late to drop the class. Which deserves some credit, right? Yes yes, thank you thank you. <curtsey> (It’s all about having low expectations.)


  1. 3 classes, holy cow? That’ll take a lotta time?

  2. Yah, but only this week. I am dropping the two with the most writing assignments as soon as I figure out which 2 they are. :D

  3. one class is still a lot of work, especially if you work full-time. :) good for you tho. i hate school personally myself. :D

  4. ah ok, phew. i was gonna say. one class on top of work pretty much killed me.

  5. Don’t be intimidated though – you are an expressive writer who doesn’t have difficulty in putting down her thoughts. We can provide reviews on the blog :) Although remembering back, 3 courses is certainly a plateful. I did 1 or 2 w/ work at one point, and it would eat up a lot of time and I’d end up dropping all but the 1 eventually…

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